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if you ever look at the person you’re with while they sleep and think “i’ve made a million mistakes in my life but choosing you wasn’t one of them”, then they’re the one


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TFW + cards against humanity (insp)


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The End


Ike and Robbie don’t even protest their nap once their bellies are full. Both children climb in the same bed with a picture book to look at but as soon as Dean is drawing the curtains they’re little heads are nodding and he know they’ll sleep well.

Dean ducks playfully as his wings are ruffled. “There’s no letting me win, I win fair and square.” His back is getting slicked with the oil already because all it takes the mere thought of Cas wrestling him into the mattress then holding down to get him ready to go. The dominant display of wings is doing nothing to quell this feeling.

He takes his time heading to the bedroom though, stripping off his boxers and letting them fall to the floor. His own wings are arched but not high like Cas’. They’re lifted just enough to show off the down accumulated with oil and his rear. Dean collapses into the bed face first, legs and wings spread wide.

"On second thought it’s to hot and humid to fight but I’m open to other ideas." His hips give a little shake as he looks over his shoulder, cracking a wide smile at his husband. He’s being a tease but he likes being a tease. It’s one of the few things they have left.

Castiel follows his mate to their room, entranced by his wing display and how the feathery appendages perfectly frame Dean’s ass.  He can feel his boxers tenting already and he’s glad he had stripped down earlier.

He tosses his boxers aside as he closes the door behind him and approaches their bed.  ”You always did have an open mind, Dean.”  Castiel smirks a little as he smacks Dean’s ass playfully.  ”I’ve always loved that about you.”

Keeping his wings raised in the dominant display, he reaches down and runs his fingers through the oily down, getting his hands coated in the oil as he drags them up.  He cards his fingers through Dean’s feathers, spreading the oil and righting crooked feathers as he finds them.  ”Your wings are dirty,” he chastises gently and tuts softly, “Such pretty wings need to be taken care of.”

Castiel drags his fingers down, messing up the carefully groomed feathers and massages at Dean’s oil glands.  His mate’s spicy scent was already strong before, but now it’s absolutely flooding his senses.  He inhales deeply and hums, loving the warm tingle of familiarity, warmth, and the sense of home that comes to him as he lets Dean’s scent surround him.

A flutter of his own wings reveals that he’s just about as soaked with his own oil as Dean is as the ocean scent cuts through the heavy spices.  But as he thinks about how they used to do this so much before.  Just debauch each other with the others oil and scent and let their graces mingle, he misses feeling his mate deep inside of him.  

"I miss you," he whispers mournfully as he leans down to press kisses to Dean’s spine.  "Miss our graces."  Without explaining further, he’s sure Dean knows what he’s talking about as he leans back again and spreads Dean’s ass cheeks.  Castiel rubs an oil coated thumb against Dean’s puckered hole and presses in carefully.

Winter Stars


Dean nods when Cas is asked the question. “Scary,” he offers easily. “I was a lot littler back then but I would have been afraid looking like this.” He snorts a laugh, smiling a little. “Howling Commandos were the first nonsegregated unit to ever fight in a war. We still didn’t tell them.”

He smiles over at Cas. “I think they knew, but no one wanted to say anything. Cas and I would have been pulled out of the war, tried for unnatural acts, and sent to jail.”

"For liking dick?" The question is so blunt it makes Dean laugh.

"Wait people were so racist a brotha and a white guy couldn’t kill Nazis together?" Another voice pops up from the back. This wasn’t the turn Dean wanted this to take but they’re curious.

"Yes, people were extremely homophobic to the point it was illegal and racism was an even bigger issue." Dean pauses, thinking. "Which is why we have to look out for each other now. People still can be very cruel."

He gives everyone a brave smile as the kids start asking other stuff. Are they going to get married? One kid even asks who tops which Dean just shakes his head and turns red. The kids all laugh. They’re rough but they’re curious. They have to be or they’d never have survived the streets of New York.

They’re called into an office where a camera is set up and a woman with hair almost the same length as Dean’s introduces herself as the reporter from the Advocate. Everyone sits down and he inhales deeply. Yeah, he’d much rather be talking to the collateral damage to New York.

Cas is impressed with how well Dean handles the questions and the attention of the curious teens.  But it shouldn’t be surprising.  His boyfriend has had to deal with something like this before, right?  It’s just that these kids were honestly curious and not trying to attack them for words to twist and manipulate.

He’s tempted to participate in the conversation, but he’s nowhere near as eloquent in his speech as Dean is.  Cas feels almost bad leaving it to him, but finally someone asks a question that he can answer and he’s up and out of his seat.

Cas walks over to Dean and puts on his cheeky grin like the ones he used to wear as Captain America’s sidekick back in the 30s.  He stands behind Dean and rests his hands on his shoulders.  ”Marriage is a pretty big commitment.  One that I don’t think either of us are ready for at the moment.  But maybe one day we will be and I know the Cap here would make me the happiest guy on the planet.”

Like Dean, he doesn’t answer the question about who tops, but he does laugh at Dean’s embarrassment and shakes his head.  ”That’s a little too personal,” he says with a chuckle.

When they’re ushered into the office for their interview, Cas almost misses those rough kids.  He had felt more comfortable with them than he does now with the reporter.  And, of course, the first question is directed at him.

"Mr. Novak, correct?" she asks and then pauses and he knows she’s expecting an answer.

Cas smiles and shakes his head.  ”You can call me Castiel.  My father was Mr. Novak,” he replies, trying to keep a generally cheerful attitude even if he was nervous.

"Alright.  Castiel, then.  This is you first official interview, isn’t it?  It must be nerve wracking."  She’s smiling gently and Cas feels like he can let his guard down a little, though he keeps what Pepper told them in the SUV in mind.  Stay on track.  Follow Dean’s lead if you need to.

"Yeah, it is.  But if you want to be a hero and Captain America’s boyfriend, I guess it can’t be helped."  Cas shrugs and then looks to Dean, hoping that he’s not saying anything stupid.

"So you admit that you are lovers then?" she presses and Cas tenses  up, worrying that he might have said the wrong thing even if she is right.

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context what context

The End


While Cas is upstairs cooking Dean corals the kids inside and starts toweling them off and getting them into clean shorts. He’s still pretty dirty himself but he washes his hands off in the sink and gets mostly clean. When Cas comes down with the food the kids are already starting to yawn. 

"A good meal in them and they’ll be out like lights," he says quietly as he helps Ike and Robbie into their seats and hands them their chopsticks. Dean sits down and gives the kids a little of everything then takes some for himself. "Maybe we can go get dirtier before we get clean while they take a nap."

"No nap," Robbie says sternly as he picks up some bacon with his fingers. "Naps are for babies."

"When you’re my age all you’re going to want is naps," Dean teases, nudging Cas with his foot and trying not to smile. Robbie looks at his parents critically but says nothing and keeps eating.

Dean yawns himself. “Or we’re going to be boring and go to bed ourselves,” he says sadly.

He chuckles softly at Robbie’s defiance as he chews on a piece of bacon.  ”Naps are great, buddy.  You’ll miss them before you know it.”

Castiel flashes a grin at his husband and nudges him with a wing affectionately.  ”If we didn’t have chores, I think you would nap the day away,” he teases and spreads a wing out, laying it gently over Dean’s.  ”Daddy’s really lazy if you let him do what he wants.  See?  He’s trying to fall asleep already and we still have so much to do.”

Robbie and Ike both make ‘oooh’ sounds and Castiel tries to suppress his laughter.  He’s having too much fun with this, but he turns his head and kisses Dean’s cheek, murmuring a quick apology.  He doesn’t really mean all of the mean things he’s said about Dean and he hopes his mate knows that.

After their dinner is finished, Castiel helps clean the dishes and get the fledglings in bed.  Their wing grooming can wait until tomorrow.  

After the kids are tucked in bed, Castiel shoots Dean a look.  He arches and then wiggles his eyebrows playfully.  ”Still up for some wing grooming?  Or do you want to be boring old men and go to sleep?”  Castiel is smirking all the while his wings arch up in a display that is obviously inviting his mate to bed for some more adult bonding.

"Come on.  Let’s wrestle.  I’ll even let you win this time," he teases and ruffles his feathers.

Winter Stars


Pepper sighs and puts her tablet down with a sigh. “People love tragedy and they love to point fingers. I worry what they’ll say about you, Cas.” She turns in her seat to look at the pair but mostly keeps her attention on Cas. “I’m not going to tell you how to answer their questions but following Dean’s lead wouldn’t hurt.”

"I’ve had the whole guiding conversation and how to talk to the press training from the PR staff," Dean supplies and rests a hand on Cas’ thigh. He looks good, Dean thinks, but they sort of look like the boy scout and the bad boy come to corrupt him. Or maybe that’s just his fantasies running wild. He coughs and turns his attention back to Pepper, feeling the heat creep up his neck.

"Remember this interview has been asked for by the public regarding your relationship," Pepper continues with a thin smile. "Keep the conversation there. We’ve already been running damage control on your past. Also you’ll have around an hour before the interview, mingle with the kids, but don’t give them their gift cards. That’s for after the interview. Mention it and it seems like a ploy, do it later and words gets around anyway."

There’s no place to park in front of the shelter but it’s blissfully quiet. Dean grins and gives Cas a thigh as the SUV rolls to a stop. “I love when people keep their mouths shut,” Pepper says and gets out. Dean follows suit and waits for Cas before they all very quickly head inside the building. 

It’s pretty much what they’d expect. A big sitting room, the couches and TV not the newest but clean and taken care of. There’s a kid playing a game on a console. He looks over his shoulder and then shakes his head.

"Holy shit."

Dean just grins back. “Yeah I say that all the time when I see him too,” he teases and goes to sit on a arm chair by him. He jerks his head so Cas will come sit with them. Pepper stays to the back, talking to someone.

"So what they said on Twitter was true?" He’s looking at Dean like he’s not sure what’s up. Dean gets it, he’d be distrustful too if he was stuck on the streets.

"What did they say on Twitter?" Dean leans forward, elbows on knees.

"You’re gay."

"Yeah, it’s true." Dean gives a crooked smile.

While Cas does understand Pepper’s concern for him, he knows that the media can’t possibly say anything that could hurt him more than knowing his own past does now.  If it weren’t for the extensive therapy and having Dean and Stark with him, Cas would probably still wake up screaming, paranoid, and crouched in a corner with his knife in hand.  

He shakes his head at the memory and tries his best to smile.  It falters as Pepper mentions PR running damage control on his past and he lowers his head, grimacing.  Cas knew he was trouble and he hates burdening them like this.  

He doesn’t even know why they’ve bothered putting so much effort into a lost cause like him.  Even if the American public accepted him, surely the government and the governments of other nations would never trust him.  Would still see him as a huge threat.  After all, he’s toppled governments and killed many important leaders in the past.  Who’s to say he won’t do it again?

"Right.  Gift cards after the interview," he repeats with a fake smile, that same million dollar grin that Dean wears with his own mischievous flare.  Cas could never be as good and honest as Dean anyways.

Walking into the shelter, Cas trails behind Dean, taking his lead and looking at his surroundings.  He’s a little nervous, but mapping out all of the available escape routes calms him down and he’s able to make himself feel a little more comfortable.  Dean’s teasing goes a long way as well.

"Pretty sure he’s talking about you," he teases back and goes to sit on the couch to watch.

He watches the two interact and doesn’t really feel that bad when the kid takes more interest in trying to get information from Dean.  Captain America was someone anyone can trust.  His new team mate and boyfriend however, who knows?

Cas turns his head as he hears and then sees another teen running off, apparently having seen them.  Word spreads fast though and there are others coming soon after, all of them interested in getting the story from Dean or himself.  Getting news from the source was always better than getting it second hand anyways.  Less spins and perspectives.

He feels like an old man who he’s asked by one of the kids what it was like to be gay in the 30s.  He wants to answer, but he just laughs a little and looks to Dean, not sure if it’s ok to answer this sort of question now, outside of the interview

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g i f t   t o   m a n k i n d.

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