The Serenading Angel
Winter Stars


They grumble together about strange twists and surprise endings. Dean keeps his head ducked as they walk because when he has shiners it seems to invite more guys to pick on him. Not that anyone would with Cas there, looking all cocksure and confident. He steals little glances as he walks, it might be a while before they get to do this again. Or never.

Of course they make it back to their apartment unscathed. The bottle of scotch is eyed but Dean knows that drinking any more would make him drunk. He’s such a light weight. 

He wonders around, getting his books and art supplies together. “You have to sit for me to draw you in your uniform,” he says, trying to sound confident and not at all like he’s about to fall apart. “Usually they get to come back and see their families for a week before getting shipped over. You’ll come see me right?”

And just from that thought Dean is breaking down. His fingers press into a sketchbook until they hurt and he’s curling in on himself, knees bent like he can’t control his own weight any more. Tears flow from his eyes as he tries to catch his breath but he’s never breathed right anyway.

Doctors say his asthma is from his emotions. It is one of the reasons that his father thinks he’s a homosexual. Maybe they’re right because he is definitely crying over a guy right now.

Cas tosses his jacket across the back of their couch as they walk into their apartment.  He closes the door behind them and can hear Dean wandering around.  He’s headed into their bedroom when he’s confronted by his boyfriend.

"Of course I will.  You know I love posing for you," Cas says teasingly, though he’s really trying to cheer Dean up.  He hates seeing him upset, but when Dean breaks down, Cas feels a pang of guilt and pulls him close.  "I’ll come back and see you.  If we’re lucky, we could probably catch the next Stark Expo together too."

He guides Dean to their bed and gets him to sit down and he sits with him.  ”It’s okay, Dean.  It’s ok.  I’m still here,” he reassures him and rubs his back, trying to get his boyfriend to calm down.  The wheezing was starting to scare him.  Probably another one of Dean’s asthma attacks.  ”You need to calm down and breathe, Dean.”

Cas carefully takes the sketchbook and charcoals from Dean’s hands and sets them down on the bedside table.  He then looks to the other with a smile and holds his hands in his own.  Dean’s are terribly fragile in comparison to his own, but Dean’s an artist and he can see all the little charcoal and lead stains on his skin.  Can tell that he’s passionate about his work.

"I’ll come home, Dean.  I promise.  I’ll come back after my training and we’ll go out and after the war’s finished and I come back, we’ll go wherever you want," he promises and rubs his thumbs over the backs of Dean’s hands.

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Red Riding Hood’s


Dean figures he could watch Cas do this for hours. Some guys said they passed around Viagra to keep up with their spouses when they got back because the omegas and women were insatiable but the soldiers lacked any sort of endurance. Maybe he’ll get some because as soon as Cas wraps his hands around Dean’s hard and throbbing cock he is near orgasm.

He bites his lip until he can’t bare it but no sooner than he’s settled from the pain Cas is rocking onto him and looking like he lives to do this. Dean sighs, face distorted from the pleasure so sharp it could be misconstrued as pain. Cas’ body around him feels hot, near electrical in nature.

His hands rub up and down Cas’ thighs, feeling the finely honed runner’s muscles under the sweat glistened skin as his husband rises and lowers himself on him. Everything about Cas looks tight and put together now, like before the babies, maybe even better. He smiles and breathes deep to try not to come so he can enjoy this. 

When Cas bites his fist to muffle the moans that are spilling out of him Dean surges up and wraps his arms around him. He rocks into him, hips barely moving but keeping up with the rhythm. It’s too much but he keeps going, needing to be in Cas as long as he can since they’re not really in the right time of day to tie.

Dean lets them move together like this for minutes until he’s rolling them, using one hand to guide Cas’ legs to wrap around his waist. “They’re not going to stay asleep for long,” he whispers and starts thrusting.

Castiel squeaks and then moans as Dean surges up.  He can’t move as much with Dean’s arms around him, but the tradeoff is worth it.  He’s missed this feeling of Dean inside him.  He missed it more than he thought and knows that he missed the closeness and intimacy of their relationship.  He’s missed how they fit so well together and know the others rhythms and how they used to move as one.  Just thinking about all those little things is making the omega start to cry again.

He buries his face in Dean’s neck and licks and kisses at his mating mark as he moves with him.  Castiel wants to stay like this, just moving slow and he wants them to tie, but the twins won’t permit that.  

The omega is surprised when their positions are changed, but he isn’t complaining.  If anything, he’s laughing at Dean’s concern and moaning in pleasure from the new angle of penetration.  More than once, Castiel even claws at Dean’s back and kisses him.  

Castiel pushes back against Dean’s thrusts, hooking his legs a little tighter and whining softly as he’s rocked into.  The plea for them to tie is on the tip of his tongue, but Dean has a point.  The twins won’t nap forever and they don’t have nearly enough time to stay tied let alone think about it.

His worries don’t do anything to Castiel’s libido though and the omega is already panting softly, moaning and struggling to keep pushing back, but his legs are starting to feel like jello and he knows he’s close to his orgasm.

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My whole world was electrified ...

Winter Stars


"Abner sounds like he needs to mind his own business," Dean says shortly then drains his glass of the rest of his scotch. He takes a more hearty bite of the chocolate but still chews it slowly, savoring the taste When Cas warns him on drinking too much he frowns and looks at his empty glass but pushes it away so it will be cleaned up with the soup bowls.

"I’m due a new card tomorrow so I can get us some more meat. Porkchops or something. Benny said something about heading upstate to see if he can hunt a few deer to leave with Andrea before he ships out. I would go with him if I knew anything about hunting."

He sighs, feeling useless again but what need would he have for more meat when Cas would be gone soon? Dean doesn’t want to think about it. His mother died and now his friend was heading off to certain death. Everyone he cares about dies, not that it was their or his fault but he can’t but help notice the pattern.

Dean gets his coat and straightens his tie so they can walk to the theater together. He treats Cas, forking over a dollar for the both of them then heads in to find seats. The news reels are already playing and he’s getting anxious watching them, knowing that Cas would be over there soon.

Maybe he will be too, who knows.

He frowns at Dean’s short temperedness and is about to take the glass from him when Dean willingly hands it over.  But he can’t be upset with Dean for the comment about Abner.  He doesn’t know.  There’s no way he could.  So he keeps quiet about it as he finishes up cleaning the dishes.

"Pork chops sound good.  Maybe some chicken too so I can make my mom’s chicken noodle soup," he agrees with Dean and walks over to Dean when he talks about Benny.  It’s obvious that Dean’s working himself into a mood and Cas hates it.  That Dean and the world can’t see what he sees in his boyfriend.  

Cas gives Dean a quick hug and a kiss to his forehead.  ”Stop worrying so much.  You’ll get yourself sick again,” he murmurs and smiles as he lets him go.  

He gets his coat and walks with Dean to the theater.  The newsreels make him frown, but it’s just more fuel for the fire.  Another reason to stop Hitler and the Nazis because he can’t stand the thought of all that death and no one coming to help them.  But the darkness of the theater allows him to take Dean’s hand and hold it, trying to calm himself down and ease the tension he knows Dean is feeling.

The newsreels sour the first few minutes of the film, but he forgets about the bitterness soon enough and honestly enjoys the movie.  He has to because who knows when he’ll get this opportunity again.  

After the movie is over, they head home and Cas grumbles because he never would have thought that the sled was Rosebud.  He still likes the movie, but he never would have guessed that.  

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Red Riding Hood’s


Dean grimaces and jerks his hips back so his cock slides out of Cas’ hand. This was about his mate, about making him feel good, not about him. He sucks hard on a nipple one more time then starts working his way down Cas’ body, sucking on little knobs of bony and hell honed muscle.

"I’m in you," he teases then sucks the entirety of Cas’ cock into his mouth, flicking under the head with his tongue. He bobs his head a few times as he thrusts his fingers into Cas’ willing body. His tongue dips down when Cas is fully in his mouth and his nose is buried into the soft skin and tastes the wetness.

With a groan Dean pulls off and slips one hand under Cas’ ass, pulling him up so he can delve his face into the cleft. Now it’s his tongue that is inside his husband, fucking in along side the fingers, tasting for his own pleasure as much as Castiel’s.

He’s grinding his cock into the bed because it gives him a modicum of relief but mostly Dean is concentrating on making Cas feel good. His tongue laps up slick and moves around his fingers earnestly though he is dying for some attention himself. Dean reluctantly pulls himself away completely and flops on his back, moving to drag Cas along with him.

"Ride me," he whispers, wanting Cas to control the enthusiasm this time.

Castiel is surprised when Dean pulls away from him and worried that something might be wrong with his mate.  That he might have done something wrong or maybe he hurt him.  ”Dean,” he calls, but shivers and closes his eyes when Dean sucks again, thinking it feels really good when he does that.  

"Y-you know that’s not what I-" he gasps, words cut off and he can’t stifle his moan.  Castiel is gripping at the sheets and cursing his mate as he’s assaulted with pleasure.  Each different and new sensation is fleeting though and the omega is tempted to call his mate a tease.

He’s squirming on the bed between the fingers and the tongue now in his ass and the scent of alpha arousal in the air.  And he can tell Dean’s eager.  He can practically feel his husband rutting into their bed as he’s rimmed and made to moan like a wanton whore for his mate.  Not that he is a whore, but Dean has a very talented tongue.

Sitting in Dean’s lap, Castiel takes a moment to catch his breath before he’s looking down at his mate and smiling.  His skin is flush from his excitement as he raises his hips.  Castiel takes Dean’s length in his hand and guides it into him, gasping and shivering as he sinks down.  The omega bites his lower lip, but keeps his eyes focused on Dean’s as he feels himself being stretched.

Once he’s sitting in Dean’s lap again, Castiel doesn’t stay there long before he’s starting to raise his hips again.  He starts a slow rhythm at first, wanting to get used to the feeling of having his husband in him again.  It feels like a lifetime since he’s felt this good and he just hopes that this is good for Dean too.

When he feels warmed up and confident enough to move faster, he does.  Castiel struggles to keep quiet, not wanting to wake up the twins even if they are downstairs.  But he can barely keep the noises of his moans down, even stifled behind a bitten fist.

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Winter Stars


"I’m drinking scotch, Cas!" Dean gives Cas a disgusted look, mostly because the very thought of drinking milk after scotch is horrifying. Cas isn’t drinking any more and he’s the one going off to fight a war. Not Dean, he’s just going to stay home and doodle about it. 

He stabs at a carrot with his spoon, cutting it in half, then scoops it up. Maybe he’ll go try to enlist when Cas is gone and can’t tell him he is too sick to. They need people so they probably won’t be too picky. Dean blows on the carrot to cool it then eats it, coughing when Cas runs off unexpectedly. 

A smile grows when Cas plunks down the chocolate on the table but he shakes his head. “We split it.” He pauses and pushes the milk a little closer. “After you’ve eaten your vegetables.”

Dean doesn’t admit it but he doesn’t like Zeke. Zeke is everything he’s not, muscular, atrractive, gets all the girls and wins every fight. Not that he acts like it, especially since there is nothing to not like about the guy. He’s just jealous and hates seeing the reminder of perfection all the time. Well, not true perfection. That’s Cas.

"That was nice of him, giving it to you." Zeke was nice too, on top of being attractive and smart. "Is he joining up too?"

There was no reason for him not to. He finishes up his soup then opens the chocolate to crack in half. It breaks perfectly so he pushes one half to Cas and picks up the other to gingerly bite at the corner. “Goes great with scotch.”

Cas frowns when the milk is passed back to him, but he gives in and starts sipping at it.  He doesn’t like it when Dean is upset with him even the tiniest bit.  

He starts to eat his soup again and scoffs at the implication that he won’t eat his vegetables.  Of course he’ll eat them.  Dean took the time to make the soup and he’s not going to let it go to waste.  Besides, all that work today has made him hungry and he wouldn’t dream of skipping dinner.  

"Yeah, Zeke’s just that kind of guy.  Feel like he’s keeping bad company these days though.  I’ve seen him talking to that Ron fella.  Abner was talking about how concerned he’s getting for him," he mumbles and frowns.  Cas was well aware of the relationship that Zeke and Abner have.  It’s like Dean and himself, but, well, he’d only found that out after accidentally seeing them together in the men’s room.  He’s told no one, of course.  Not even Dean.

He finishes his bowl before he takes the piece of chocolate and smiles softly.  ”Just don’t drink too much, Dean.  We’re supposed to see a movie tonight, remember?” he teases gently and takes a bite of his piece of chocolate.  It bring back memories of his childhood and when his mother would take him and Hael out and they would go buy sweets.  It was always on special occasions that she would take them out like this.  Usually one of their birthdays or a holiday.

"After we’ve cleaned up we can head out," he states as he picks up their empty soup bowls and takes them tot he sink to wash them.  Dean cooked so the least he can do is clean their dishes.

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Red Riding Hood’s


Dean frowns when Cas says it makes him sore. “You sacrifice so much for our kids,” he says lowly then kisses Cas back. It’s a quick peck and he’s smiling when Cas relaxes, bouncing off the mattress as he falls back.

He pretends to be shocked when his husband locks him in with strong legs and pulls him back back down. Laughter spills out of previous tense lips. “I’m going to have to start going to the gym with you so I can fight back. You can’t use me as a vibrator with a pulse.”

Come to think of it, they never talked about that either. Dean assumes that Cas was taking himself while he was gone. For sure Dean was when he could get a private moment in a shower bay, Cas’ name always on his lips. He’s grinning broadly as he ducks his head again to tease the nub of Cas’ nipple with his tongue then make slow languid circles with it.

Milk splashes onto his tongue, making him start in surprise but he goes to the other one to give it the same treatment. His fingers slips down between Cas’ legs to press into his hole, testing and readying him. 

"I really missed you," he whispers then sucks a mark under Cas’ nipple. Dean goes back to teasing it as he thrusts his fingers in and out of Cas gently, pressing in at the tips.

Castiel feigns a pout as he’s told Dean won’t be his vibrator.  ”But I love it when you fill me up,” he whines softly, only for the facade to fall away with an amused laugh.  The omega gasps softly as his nipple is teased again, Dean’s name on his lips as he arches against the feeling.

He whimpers and bucks his hips, pushing down against Dean’s fingers as he feels them pushing in.  He’s surprised that he’s already this wet for his mate, but he blames the natural scent of his alpha and being in Dean’s presence is probably helping to jog his body’s memory of his mate.

"I missed you too," he gasps softly, biting his lower lip lightly at the feeling of Dean thrusting his fingers into him.  Dean isn’t even stretching him that much, but it feels infinitely better than that cold vibrator he had been using.  

Castiel grabs at Dean’s hair and bucks his hips again.  ”Dean, I want you in me.  Please.  We can play again tonight,” he promises and pushes back down, seeking more from his mate despite his protests.  He’s almost certain he can feel his slick soaking into the bedsheets as he spreads his legs and reaches down between them to take Dean’s length into his hand.  He has to stretch a little, but Castiel’s glad that he’s flexible and that he’s able to stroke Dean’s hot and heavy length.

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That one time Bucky found out how Steve “died”.


That one time Bucky found out how Steve “died”.

Winter Stars


"I’ll be waiting for them if they show up," Dean retorts about the Nazis, forcing a smile. His third glass of scotch he sips like a normal person just enjoying good scotch and good company. Not like the depressed and insulted person that he is. That shoots liquor, like his father.

He turns back to the pot and puts his mom’s oversized mitts on so he can scrape the rest of the meat off the bones. They’ve been cracked so that the marrow will get into the soup as well. Seeing that there is only a little milk left, he puts the remaining in a glass for Cas. He’ll need it more. 

Dean heads to leave the bottle on the stoop after rinsing it out then ladles up soup into bowls. “Not a lot of meat in it but the carrots were good raw. They’ll be better in pork broth.”

He brings his scotch to the table along with their bowls and some spoons. It is hard to look at Cas now, knowing that he’s going to have the life of a hero that Dean has always wanted. Not even a hero, he just wanted to be useful. Now he was a doodling housewife.

"Nazis aren’t just invading," he says quietly as he lifts his spoon. "They’re killing Jews just ‘cause they’re jewish." Dean eats his spoonful. It’s pretty good. "Homosexuals too. The papers just aren’t talking about it. Be careful okay?"

"Dean, you need the milk more than I do," he protests as the glass is set down in front of him.  Cas sighs and moves it to Dean’s side of the table.

Rationing was hitting everyone but the rich pretty hard.  But Cas supposes they’re better off than the poor.  He doesn’t want to think about them though and instead picks up the paper to read.  It’s a bad habit, one Dean had tried to kick, but Cas had watched his dad do this and he’s made it a habit too.  

He sets down the paper when he hears the bowls being set down and he smiles.  ”It’s alright.  I think I’m getting used to not having much meat,” he says with a small smile.  This whole rationing thing is the reason why he wants to give Dean the better portion of everything.  It’s better for his lover’s health.  

"You know I’ll be careful.  I have someone to come back home to after all," he smiles and eats his first spoonful.  Despite Dean’s complaints, it’s still good.  And the carrots are fantastic.  

Cas sudden sets down his spoon and runs to his bag, retrieving a small paper wrapped object from it.  ”Before I forget.  Zeke managed to get a chocolate bar for me.  Thought you’d like to share it with me,” he says with a grin, “Think of it as our after dinner sweet.”

He continues to eat his soup afterwards.  Cas thinks it taste great, but then again, anything Dean makes is amazing.  If Mary could see her son, he wonders if she would be proud or at least happy for him.  Probably, he hopes.  He always had a feeling that Mary knew, but she never said anything about them.

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Red Riding Hood’s


"I intend to," he says and licks his lips. He crawls over Cas’ body as he’s guided, one hand running along the inside of his husband’s thigh, then over his abdomen. They’re practically the same size now, between Cas bulking up slightly with his workouts and Dean missing so many meals. 

"Oops," he says sheepishly when Cas sees the stab wound by his mating mark and their children’s names. Dean looks at his mate guiltily and sighs. 

"Babe, it’s okay. I had to take someone down in a fight. it wasn’t anything too terrible. Just a couple of stitches and I was good as new."

Dean rocks back so he’s sitting on his heels and Cas’ thighs, running his hands down his husband’s chest in a soothing gesture. “Don’t be sorry, it’s hard. I get that.” He grins and leans down again to tease a nipple with his tongue then pulls back.

"Are you still nursing them?" They hadn’t even discussed it. Dean looks at Cas, wondering how something that big had missed their conversation topics.

Castiel tries to stop crying, he really does.  Dean’s alright and he left to fight for the people that had saved their family.  He shouldn’t be so sad, but he hates seeing Dean hurt.

When he feels the hands running up his torso, his sobs simmer down to little hicks and he’s embarrassed.  But his embarrassment turns to surprise when he feels the lick and he jumps a little.  ”Jerk,” he mumbles, but is smiling again.

"Yes, but only at night before I put them to bed.  Otherwise I’ve got them using bottles or sippy cups.  They’re transitioning pretty well," he answers and remembers how Dean had reassured him that nursing them until they were two was perfectly normal.  So he isn’t embarrassed at all.  

He’s calmed down now and sighs softly as he relaxes back on their bed.  ”It leaves me a little sore sometimes.  I mean, I still use the pump, but it’s not the same,” he mumbles and reaches up to run a hand through Dean’s hair.  ”It feels good when you tease me though.”  He smiles and leans up to kiss Dean on the lips.  

"I don’t think I would mind if you didn’t stop."  He bites Dean’s lower lip gently and slowly releases him, a chuckle escaping him as he hooks a leg around Dean and pulls him closer.

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